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COVID-19 Safety Protocol
Fort Lowell Tennis Center
To ensure maximum safety for all players and staff, the following Safety Protocol must be followed.
  • Physical distancing required on and off the court. Markers are set up to assist spacing in the Pro Shop

  • Face covers are required indoors and when physical distancing is not continuously possible outdoors

  • Physical contact or touching e.g. high fives, hand shaking, etc... is highly discouraged

  • Players should not touch baskets, hoppers, or carts during instruction 

  • No food on courts

  • Players to enter and exit through the wide side openings only

  • Players are limited to a maximum of 4 per court for regular play

  • When playing doubles, coordinate with your partner to maintain physical distancing

  • It is highly encouraged for each player on court to have their own set of tennis balls with different numbers than other players. Use your racquet head or feet to advance the ball to the other players

  • Washing hands before and after play is highly encouraged

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Staff always required to wear face coverings when indoors; and outdoors when physical distancing is not continuously viable

Due to the fluid Covid mitigation protocol, all tennis players are required to bring their own water! No water coolers will be provided by management

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